If you ever come to Birmingham you should know that one of the places you must go to is a nice little BBQ joint in downtown. Originally started in Tuscaloosa (I'll reserve all my hater comments...), this place has got to be the restaurant to get ribs, baked beans, potato salad, and banana pudding.

You walk in and immediately you are greeted with the smell of smoked meat, bbq sauce, and the sound of multiple sports games displayed on large flat screens hung on the wall. If you look around, all customers are covered with evidence. Evidence that in fact Dreamland makes the best ribs around. Sauce is dripping off of fingers, faces, elbows, tables, and anywhere else you wouldn't think it would be. You stuff your face with your ribs, delicious baked beans, and wonderful potato salad. Then you combine the powers of white bread, paper towels, and moist towelettes (however you spell that) to clean your face off. You still might have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to use soap and water to get your face back to a normal state of cleanliness.
But then the Banana pudding comes. You thought you were stuffed, and you are, but this banana pudding deserves respect. So you stretch out, grab a spoon and dig in.
Such is my experience at Dreamland!


Max-Frederick said...

AAAAAAAAAAAH oh man.. i got SO excited while eating those ribs.. THEY'RE JUST SO GOOOOOOD!!!

Dani said...

There was a Dreamland's up in Florence (same people) and if it was a home game, the band always the whole bunch of us would go and eat ribs before hand on Saturday. Yummo!

Saura Lnow said...

Judging by the amount of sauce on your fingers...I'd say the bib was a good choice :)