Dear Baby/Stay Forever Sunday

I found this ridiculously cute couple living in San Francisco back before they had their baby, close to 9 months ago ;). I mean, I didn't find them IN San Francisco...I found the "she" part of the couple's blog. Everyday she writes about the love she has for her husband, the city she lives in (SF), her cute little dogs, the small things in life, and lately her brand new baby girl (Everly Veda). She's a southern gal originally from North Carolina, and she has an impeccable sense of style. Her writing is rather inspiring; I'm hoping that one day I can write as eloquently as she can and without any of the grammatical errors I seem to always be doing!
To me, this girl seems like she has so much love that she has to write a blog just to store all of the extra love that spills over!

*Not to mention she has a love for vintage. ALWAYS a good thing!*

So check out both blogs. Or...tumblrs...:D
I especially recommend that you read the post about her natural childbirth. You know when you get zoned while watching a movie? People might start to yell at you, or even throw a shoe at your head yet you're still attached to the screen? Yes, her writing does that. But especially the one about having her baby girl.

Dear Baby (about baby things...of course)

Stay Forever Sunday (lifestyle)


Johnnie said...

i nearly cried when i read she was having contractions. it feels like she's a friend.

and then when i saw the first photo of baby...i couldn't really hold back... isn't that silly?

just a tear or two. it wasn't so bad.

Dani said...

That is really beautiful. I wrote Britt's story down for him in his little book, but I just couldn't bring myself to share it on line. But wow, it brings back really strong memories for me of having him. Nearly a year ago now...

Oh and wow, what a writer.