Excuse me...but...

I might be a little off this week.
I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.
Along with getting a lot of stuff done.
This "stuff" is stuff that I'm supposed to get done every day;
But I've decided to try and actually get it done.
And not only that, but get it done well.

One of my biggest New Year's Resolution is to not spend
so much time on the computer.
I want to keep up with some blogs, check things like e-mail, facebook, and keep up
this blog. But I want my days of "just browsing and doing nothing" to end.
And end they will.
I will conquer you.
And when December comes, my list of resolutions will not cause
me to sigh, but to smile and to feel accomplished.


elliebird said...

i'm rootin' for ya! get 'er done! you're #1!

and all those other inspirational, encouraging things to say.

Margaretta said...

Hello Whitney! This is Caitlin. . . I found you a couple of weeks ago and have been lurking since.

This reminds me of one of my resolutions for this year: to re-train myself to do everything thoroughly and well, instead of dawdling, rushing through things, and cutting corners. Hoorah for conquering 2010!