Fresh Breath

Well yeah, being outside is one of my favorites. I just tend to be cooped up in front of a computer screen (gag). 

I don't know why we do this. But sometimes, when humans are thrown extra responsibility, they stop doing things for fun and turn their attention to what is the most logical thing to do with their time. I get that sometimes you have to forego the things that make you happy in order to get what needs to be done (I get it. I totally do.). But I feel as though we forget to take care of ourselves outside of the normal, take a shower, eat healthy, and sleep type of things. A healthy mind is important too. So why not spend 10 minutes a day reading for fun? Why not a take weekend and go camping? Why not go to a restaurant and spend 3 hours eating your meal? Because I think when we take the time to take care of our mind and spirit, everything else begins to function in a better way. 

All of that to say. I love camping and haven't gone in a long time because of school. I am so happy to have the opportunity to go to college! But I'm learning that taking the time to pursue things just because they are fun...is a really healthy thing to do for a person. I feel better when I do it. So will you. Trust me. 

Let's just throw away our ideas of the perfect self and just do something for fun! No judgement, no guilt, just go and do it and take a deep breath and feel the life that God has given you inside of your lungs. Life is a blessing. Go live it.

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