sunday thoughts


If you would have asked me about 3 years ago what my passions were, I would have told you exact answers. I would have said music for sure, and would have talked about how I wanted to be involved in the music business to some degree. I thought about majoring in audio engineering and reeeeeally wanted to go to Belmont. I was sure of who I was. I was relying on God and I knew what I wanted out of life. I was full of life! I wanted to discover and explore and experience things. So, yes, music was my plan. God had a different plan for me though. And I wound up at a school that I had initially not really wanted to go to because my whole family had gone (...I was that kid.) and I was in a major I didn't fully understand (actually still in that major). What happened between those 3 years and now? I don't know. I'm just learning not to blame anything or anyone but to just take life one day at a time.

Now. I have interests and ideas. But I don't have a specific passion. I don't have a plan. And that's scary. I've experienced some unexpected plot twists in the past 7 months and my life looks totally different than it used to. And that's where I remember God and His will. His plan is different than any plan I could imagine. His plan is perfect. His plan is reliable and His plan is better for me. So no, maybe I don't know what I want to do with my life. Maybe I don't love my major and I'm thinking I won't actually do much design after I graduate...but I DO know the type of person I want to be and I know that God knows who I am. And I think that's enough.

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Tori Watson said...

i love this. so real & honest & refreshing. <3