I think people have a misconception of being alone in public. People assume that the person alone is lonely and is sad. Which, yes, sometimes may be the case. But over the past week, I've learned to cherish being alone. I went to the movies with a group...and then split off and watched a movie by myself (for the second time, Walter Mitty, you hit me right here *fist to heart*). I went and got ice cream on a rainy day at Toomer's by myself and organized my mind for a few minutes. Trust me, I am not becoming a recluse, but I'm just learning to savor my alone time instead of scrambling texts to try to find someone to eat lunch with.
^above is my view of my spot for the semester. I have a class with a friend, and then I have about an hour before I meet up with other people for lunch. And in that hour I hunker down and read. (Lately I've been trying to finally finish A Severe Mercy. (Read this book. Read it. Don't think about it, just get your little booty to Amazon or wherever you desire to purchase books and buy this beauty of some words on paper. It will change your life.) Anyways. This is my view, and I like it. It was rainy on this particular day. And I was just looking at the University and realized that I have the privilege to attend such a wonderful school.

So, War Eagle, and a happy rest of the week to ya!

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