fresh air


*taken this summer at Redcat. Hannah was looking through this Birmingham city guide that my uncle gave me for my birthday, and we just so happened to be in a local coffee shop. AND Hannah now has a blog...HELLO. Visit it here: Follow Hannah Faye

If I have learned anything the past two weeks, it has been that God is most definitely in control. He reigns in the small things and always grants peace to those who ask of it. Since being in college, my life has become so different in every way. I am a different person. But a constant knowledge of my need for Christ has been a theme of my learning these past two years. And if all I learn in college is that Christ is my everything and that His presence is more important than anything else...so be it. I say that's well worth college tuition (But...trust me I'm learning way more than that, too).

Time spent with God is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Earlier this week I realized that the word of God and time spent with Him is like fresh air and nourishment. Without that fresh air and nourishment, I get sick from being in such a polluted and dirty world. When I have no time with God I don't have the fresh air and strength I need to be able to withstand and walk through the world.

It's funny how God works through the most uneasy of times to give me peace. And it most definitely is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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