a week of thankfulness

Day 1.  (Sunday)

A day set aside for giving thanks for what we have...why don't we have this mindset all of our days? Why can't we see the little things that make our life so very perfect in its imperfection?

This week, I want to post my little things every day and keep my heart grateful.

I came home Saturday and met Savanna at the summit, we proceeded to peruse a few stores (I may or may not have tried on pretty much every hat in Gap) and we landed at Pinkberry for some delicious frozen yogurt and conversation. THEN Serena came and we went to get coffee/tea and we sat on the floor at Barnes & Nobles and talked about life.

Days and times like that make see how blessed I am.

Today I was able to go to my home church and see my church family.


And I'll never grow tired of it as long as God allows me to keep my eyes open to the small things that I love most!

1. Pinkberry with my sassy sister. I miss her so much. I wish she would just come live with me at school and we could have girly talk all day and she would tell me to go be productive and then randomly hug me and make me happy....
2. Floor talk. Serena is a fave. She's one of those friends you just know is there for you at all times. She's a good'n!
3. My foxy socks that Sav bought me from Gap! I'm obsessed and maybe have to be bff with these socks. You don't get it, I love socks and these are perfect.
4. My photo for today. What I wore to church, but it represents today. I loved today. Today was full of people I love, places I love, FOOD I love...it was good all the way around and back.

today is beautiful.

*i also just realized...i've been in my den for two nights in a row and have already taken over with my stuff EVERYWHERE and multiple coffee/juice cups now adorn the tables...whoops. sorry, mom.*

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