all ye that labor and are heavy laden

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This is me. This is me being scared of stress.

I don't like stress and I am not naturally an organized person.

But I'm learning to put a lot of my preferences aside in order to accomplish my school work and to live healthily. Everything has to do with just trusting in Jesus.
I'm learning this. You never are in a situation that cannot be bettered by trusting in the Lord.

So yeah. I have a lot to do, but I'm not going to stress and become weary. I'm going to work hard and trust in the Lord.

And that will have to be enough.

Blessed words to battle your day with:

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand
and cast a wishful eye
to Canaan's fair and happ
y land
where my possessions lie

All o'er those wide extended plains
Shines one eternal day
There God, the Son forever reigns
And scatters night away.

I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for promised land. 

No chilling winds nor poisonous breath
Can reach that healthful shore,
Sickness, sorrow, pain and death
Are felt and feared no more.

When shall I reach that happy place
And be forever blest,
When shall I see my Father's face
And in his bosom rest.

I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for promised land.


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ah, sometimes just thinking of stress stresses me out...and then I realize that HE is in control!!