a day with film

Monday was a good day.
Garrett and I went to The Red Cat Coffee House (Red Cat)  and sat for a few hours talking, drinking coffee, and reading Jose Villa's photography book and taking some "slightly educated" photos. Reading that book is like studying. So good. So beneficial.
 Ashley (friend at AU, owner of Open Eye Photography) gave me a roll of film for my birthday (come to think of it...she also gave me the book) so I wanted to use the film and get it developed in the same day. 
We then went to eat at El Barrio   and fell into a food coma from the delicious food(!!!).
THEN met up with some kids (Clay and Serena) and went to see 'Snow White and the Huntsmen' at the dollar theatre. (also. holy cow. so. so. so. good.)

Here, are the Adventures in film:

oh hello sunshine
more light
crazy hair
2nd Avenue N
neck & shoulder
old man.


maegan said...

I'm gonna have to be sappy now and say: I just really love pretty much everything about you. Your creative spirit, joy, etc...
Can I pretty please visit sometime? :)

caitlin said...


Amy said...

Sunshine, on your shoulders... looks so LOOOOOVELY!!

Okay, I know that isn't exactly how John Denver sang it, but, whatever.

Annaliese Gillette said...

those pictures, i must say, were absolutely incredible, especially if you are new at the whole film thing! i agree with meagan in saying your "creative spirit and joy" are very pleasant, refreshing, and inspiring. whatever you're doing...

keep doing it.

Kelly said...

Love the picture of Garrett's shoulder!

He and Emily played at my wedding, and I know a few of your friends! Small world.

With love from LA,
Kelly :)