And she's off to Africa

She walked out from the security line and further into the airport. She had a backpack on her back and a bag hanging from her shoulder. She turned around, gave a last wave and then walked off, headed to her plane.
5 weeks? In a different country?
Yes. But I'd say it's all worth it for our Savior, and she would whole-heartedly agree.

Morgan will be in Namibia, Africa, for the next 5 weeks. 5 weeks in a different country! She's going to be wonderful and I CANNOT wait to hear her stories.

July 6th.
July 6th.
July 6th.


I love you and miss you, but you are doing wonderful things!


If you care to keep updated on Morgan's stories and adventures, feel free to read about it
on her blog:

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Morgan Werk said...

You bring such joy (and tears, way to go, love!) to my life..Thank you for your support in accomplishing God's great mission.

I love you.