Senior Portraits

In all honesty I do feel kind of weird posting a TON of photos of myself.
I got to style most of the shoot and the portraits are just full of things that make me happy.
Birmingham, railroad tracks, coffee, Urban Standard, yellow chair, outdoors, feathers, boots, water, brick, etc.

All photos taken by Firefly Photography I personally know the gal and she is WONDERFUL. She's so talented and knows how to make you comfortable in front of a camera. She also is very concerned with meeting your ideas with reality. So if you need a photographer anytime soon, I recommend Firefly!

grey wall 2
urban 3
urban 1
urban 9
lake seat 2

lake chair
lake seat
whitney water 5
in blue 04
whitney 12

I graduate Thursday!! AHHHH.
Here's hoping that I DON'T trip and fall.


annie said...

these are just fabulous -- and way better than my own senior portraits, complete with black drapes and pearls. :) seriously, though, you're beautiful, the styling perfection, and that photographer is incredibly talented... everything's just lovely.

elliebird said...

did you get feather extensions??

Caroline Duncan said...

So Pretty!!

Giann said...

absolutely wonderful!! I love the last one!

Max-Frederick said...

GOOD GRIEF WOMAN. you are just smokin'.
so beautiful. ah! gorgeous. Gabe is AMAZING.

Dani said...

I think my favorite is the one of you standing on the yellow chair.

Lauren said...

gah! It's going to be three years since I graduated. Have so much fun!

Jess said...

oh wow, you look super pretty in these photos! Love them all!