Sunday Get-Up

So. I was standing up a hill. Sooo not comfortable and makes my legs look even SHORTER. (Trust me...I don't need any help with that.)

I read this "article" on Diane Birch on Refinery29 and these 2 pictures stuck in my brain.
coffee, hat, sunshine (refinery 29)
This picture makes me want to go to New York City in the Fall, and grab coffee early in the morning(while wearing a nice cozy sweater and a hat...AND some awesome 60s cat eye liner). And then talk about life with someone special.
those. pillows. (refinery29)
I just want these pillows. Right now, please :) And maybe a trip to Williamsburg, NY. That would be cool too. Oh and check out that awesome kimono/dress/robe thing she's wearing in another picture (see article below). I kind of want to steal it from her.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i gasped when i saw this dress in my "minifeed" or whatever its called. i love it!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

such a great dress! and i wish i could pull off diane's bangs

i love your blog :)

Harris said...

Bahahaha!!! That really is hilarious how short your legs look in the first picture.

word verification - lensan. that could totally be a guy's name. and a cool one at that.

Dani said...

I love the dress and necklace!