This is Steve.
We both have dark curly hair.
wull hay
This is back in February at Workplay (he opened for Ben Rector).

Then last week, I got an email saying that Steve was playing a free show at Harry's Coffeehouse.
(Oh Harry's you ARE so amazing for always being free :D)
So I called some friends. And of course we went!

Do yourself a favor and look the boy up:

Live music never ceases to amaze me.
When someone is doing something they love and they put the entirety of their heart in it, you cannot stop yourself from smiling and enjoying watching them love their life.
(I mean. If a person sold stamps for a living...and that is what they loved, I would still want to watch them sell their stamps. Okay, maybe I sound a bit like a creeper but that's the truth.)

But what is even MORE amazing:

In our life, we have someone who smiles on us when we put the entirety of our heart in learning and loving this someone. In a way, we become the musician and this someone becomes the audience. All we want to do is play our song and send a sweet sound to our audience. And the more we get to know our audience, the more we love our audience, and the more we want to play sweeter and sweeter songs for our audience.
So this audience is Christ. But the thing about Christ is He doesn't get distracted while we play our song. He doesn't sit our song on a shelf and forget about us. He doesn't abandon us when our song is dirty, filthy, and unworthy of an audience.
He loves us in spite of the fact that our "life" performances are terrible.
But He delights when we play a chord that is sweet sounding.

God placed us on this stage (life) and we don't know any of the songs, we can't play guitar, and we can't make up our songs (and when we do they're just horrible). But if we look at Him, he directs us in a way that makes the music beautiful. He shows us the chords to play and how to play them. And as long as we look at Him our song is sweet.
But the second we look out and try to trust our own "skill", our song becomes as filthy rags.
So place your eyes on Jesus and don't look anywhere else, and you will send a sweeter note to the one who created you.

God is the Chief Musician.

clap, clap
*waves* hi :)
mixed review
Well, hello

P.S. Hopefully I didn't butcher the english language in this post. I'm always afraid that I make tons of grammatical errors. So if you'll excuse those...I'm so sorry.


A "cheery" disposition said...

I just love this post. Not sure how I found your blog but it made me smile. Probably because it hit close to home... i am dating a musician.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i always think it's so funny when people know who ben rector is! i guess he is bigger than just OK & AR. yaaaaaaaaay him.

annie said...

I really love the beautiful image you've captured here, God as chief musician and audience to the songs we play. I'm so grateful He chooses to listen and applaud, guiding us to better songs for Him. Beautiful, friend. Love this.