Happy Thoughts on Thursday


Oh. You've Got Mail.
One of the best movies ever.
I love the above sequence because I love morning.
I also love cities.
And I daydream of waking up in the morning in my city loft, getting dressed, and walking out the door to purchase coffee at my local coffee shop.
And ya know, if I'm pressed for cash(thanks, loft)...I'll make my OWN coffee (french press please) and pour my coffee into my perfect to go mug...and then walk out my front door and immediately be greeted by city sounds. I would love to walk side by side with people who are on their way to work. I would love to wait at a crosswalk with a group of people...on their way to work. And in my head...it's always fall. So we all have coats on and an assortment of briefcases, purses, back packs, and messenger bags.
And then on the weekends?
Breakfast at a coffee shop/cafe. Allll the way.
I just like cities.
And I can't wait to one day go to New York City.
Something about the spirit of a city...it makes me all giddy.
I like coffee too.



annie said...

Um, just a post about my favorite movie ever! Don't tell anyone, but I still kind of want to be Kathleen Kelly. Can you imagine? That bookstore, the clothes, and Tom Hanks in his prime? :) Yes, please! Instead, I'll be happily content with my curly-headed husband and jamming to the Cranberries in my car.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i have watched this movie more times than i can count (seriously, probably like 200 times per year) and can recite it backwards and forwards, line for line.

and the fact that you love it kiiind of makes me like you even more.

Matt said...


lady lyles said...

What Jennifer said... I'm literally googling the closest Blockbuster right now.

Lauren Reavely said...

hey Whitney!

not sure if you remember me from staff training, but I randomly found your blog and ended up looking through like the last 4 months worth of posts. :P I love that you love The Civil Wars, NeedtoBreathe, Ben Rector, Joy Williams, and all them...those are some of my all time favorites! love indie music. Your style is adorable too! You should come out to Portland, OR sometime...I have a feeling you two would get a long well. :) Anyway! just wanted to let you know that I stopped by and had a most pleasant visit. :D See ya!

Harris said...

I should stop wishing for a 'like' button on Blogger. Because as soon as they get one, I know I'll be sorry.

Anonymous said...

I am HOPEFULLY going to New York City in a couple of years(saving up for right now :D)I`m really EXCITED!

beatrice said...

beware nyc! becauseyouwillfallinlove.

all other cities will be ruined for you. i'm not even exaggerating, and i usually do!

i'm pooooosssibly gonna live with a friend there for a month this summer. depends on how life works out.