So. These 2 are my cousins, Mary-John and Chelsea, and they're pretty cool.

We have fun in Wal-Mart, we like to lay in grass, and we REALLY like to eat.
and a lot of times, we go to church together and sometimes we go eat together (oh wait. didn't I already mention the eating part??)
Wuv, wuv
Our aunt call us 'The Three Gigglies'
I quite like it :)


Lynn Bruce said...

Y'all are so stinking cute. I miss you!

annie said...

aren't cousins the best?? you all are such beautiful girls; that last picture is precious! :)

elliebird said...

thiiiis made me miss y'all crazy.
y'all are adorbz.

Harris said...

Mother noted that Bobby-john and Chelsea look like twins in the last picture.

And ditto ellie.