At the lake...

This would be part of my spring break :)
You can never go wrong with a spring break at the lake (hey! it rhymes!).

You read, eat, lay out in the sun, eat, drink coffee, eat some more, and this time we tie dyed!
(technically we tie-painted because...it was acrylic paint...but still)
After that it's just:
sunshine, sunshine, sunshine

unless of course it's not...suneshine-y outside.

If I don't have regular posts this week, it's because I'm just trying to really stay on track with the normal every day things. But, I'm trying to transform blogging into one of those weekday rituals. So...I'm working on it!

morgan :)
tie dyeeee (acrylic)


Dani said...

I sure miss going out on Smith lake.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love your zig-zaggy jacket. and the polka dots.

Harris said...

That hand picture is cool. I can't wait for swimming weather :)

Word verification - scompook :)

Harris said...
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amanda jane said...

hey, cute blog! thanks for stopping by. such fun photos!