Sunday Get-up


On Sunday, I scored myself a nannying job. Indeed, I truly needed this money and the Mom truly needed a nanny 3 days a week.
So, here it goes.
I started Monday.
I work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 3-6 or 7.
Which means all the extra stuff that I do has to be PLANNED now.
My school? I HAVE to get it done in the time allotted.
This is hard.
And I'm going to learn.
I'm just so terrible at staying on track and getting distracted.
And for some reason, the second someone says something about structure...I immediately gag in my mind. Structure? I hate it!
But. I need it right?

Big girl decisions are STILL coming my way.
(Bah. I guess I'm a big girl now.)
There's a camp that I would really like to attend in the Summer.
It's super expensive.
And along with several other things I'll be doing this Summer,
I'm wondering if it's wise for me to go.
I can always go next year.
But there are people going this year that won't be there next year!

I realize my problems are so tiny when my "problem" is having to choose between amazing
things to do for the summer.
I realize that.
So I won't complain.
I'll just pray and deal with it.

Dear Wednesday,

Let's be productive! And stay on track!

A not-so-naturally-productive-lady


Graham said...

You can do it! I believe!

annie said...

You're adorable, as usual. :) And here's the good news: you've still got a few days a week that you can reward yourself with some structure-less time. (Good luck in your decision making; I've been there, and it's hard! But you can do it!)

Harris said...

Dear Wednesday.
Thou art the queen of disorganization and procrastination. Delay and lagginess ride upon your wings, and taunts those that are weekest in your wake.

Fear not, fair maiden, thou art not alone! Let us strive together to make this day productive!

I assume you're talking about NC? I want to go soooo bad!

P.S. You rock. Can't wait to see you, galleo.

beatrice said...

is it CAMP ROCK???

ok. so i went from being the worlds most non-orderly person to having 3 jobs and a full load of classes. you can do this.

here's what you do. get two whiteboards and an assortment of pretty colored markers. use one whiteboard as a calendar to mark work hours, due dates, engagements, etc. use the other for to do lists. being a list-maker, this really helped me because its where i can see it and i can erase and re-do it anytime (all the time) i feel ocd.

also. get a datebook. fill it in completely. and keep it in your purse ALL the time.

do these things and you may avoid the feeling that someone just used your thoracic wall to strike a whole box of matches against. =)

walk on walk on, you can't go back now