TeenPact AL I

Week one....was...incredible.
The team bonded and goodness gracious we had some amazing students!

I believe that I always learn more than the students. Seriously, when you feel inadequate for a task, you're forced to rely completely on God. And when you finish doing whatever it is, you look back and can see that He had his hand on your shoulder pushing you along. That's the only reason I got through two weeks of staffing. And I mean, running on 5 hours of sleep a night...you can't rely on anything else for energy. God was faithful and renewed my strength (and the strength of everyone else) every day. I thank God for such an opportunity and such amazing friends.

in za van!
The gals
The guys
The Team
last night bowling

ahhhh man. and now that I've posted these photos...I miss these kids like CRAZY!

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Harris said...

The reflection in the next to last picture is really neat.