Alive and Kicking

I'm back!
Here's a video from AL I.
(fills my heart with joy)

Home - TP AL I from Whitney on Vimeo.

I should be sleeping.

(Why is it double spacing?)

But I just watched 'Inception'. Which...was wonderful.

At night, my head comes alive, and I cannot slow down.

I journal, pray, read, blog, blog surf, think, think, think.

When really I should be doing this: ZZZzzzzz

So, I'll post some more stuff this week.

Well. Sometime.

I believe we're going to the lake later on this week so...


Go with the flow

(still double spaced)

Whatever, goodnight! (morning)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i do the same thing. i need to be better at sleeping.

Harris said...