Happy Thoughts on Thursday

What is a "Happy Thought"?
Well, according to Peter Pan a Happy Thought can make you fly.
Examples: (as mentioned by Wendy and George)
-toys at Christmas
-sleigh bells and snow
Whatever makes you fly!
When I post pictures for 'Happy Thoughts on Thursday', I just find pictures that I've saved over the few weeks that have just made me happy.
Happy Thoughts inspire you. Happy Thoughts give you a tickle in your stomach because the thought just makes you feel good.
When I listen to the live version of 'The Outsiders' by NEEDTOBREATHE, every single time I hear that banjo, my stomach gets a tickle and I just smile.
The most random things can be Happy Thoughts.
Just take notice of what makes you happy. The little things in life from day to day, do they make you content?
Seeing the sunrise through a curtain...does that make you happy?
The sound of a coffee maker making you some yummy hot beverage. Does that make you happy?
The 'click' of a film camera whilst capturing a memory...does that make you happy?
Small things.
Take notice.

via sprouted kitchen
via reading my tea leaves
via http://www.amoslanka.com/blog/page/4/
1) pear: via sprouted kitchen
2) shelf: via readingmytealeaves
3) camera & feather: via drt&ink
4) coffee and bread : via amoslanka/blog
5) very, very cool offices: via riflepaperco. via romanandwilliams(<--defgrip/blog)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

euros! my currency! i love them. currently have none of them, though. that is not a happy thought.

annie said...

i love seeing your happy thoughts, and the gorgeous photos that accompany them. thanks for the reminder to fly!

Harris said...

I love the third and fourth pictures. They're awesome.