Chelsea in the Woods

This weekend, Chelsea came to visit! On Saturday afternoon, we climbed the steep incline behind my house and braved the woods (well, not braved...it really isn't that scary, but it sounds better that way). We hiked through for a while, and then found a cozy little spot where we decided to rest our weary legs and sit and talk for a bit. Then I whipped out the camera and caught some genuine expressions of Chelsea, and then some not so genuine.
This my friends, is Chelsea, my cousin.
Isn't she a beaut?

ok. well actually THIS is a daffodil...
sunshine + flower
accidental sexy face

Happy Wednesday! And sprrriiiiiinnnggg is almost here!


Moniek said...

Great pictures, looks so beautiful!

Rachel said...

super cute pictures - just pure happiness

Max-Frederick said...

the 4th picture is my favorite.
And the very first picture at the top, I gotta say, that's a flattering angle of me(yellow is good on me) ;)

But seriously, that was so much fun. LOOOVE YOU!

Harris said...

She makes me smile. Alot.

p.s. I love your shoes, BB.