A mini trip to New Orleans

A few days before New Years, my family and I (the WHOLE gang again! I just love Christmas) ventured to New Orleans (I had only been in the airport before and at some beignets). See, my dad is in construction and ever since I can remember he gets projects (we call them 'jobs') in different parts of the Southeast. He's been in Gulf Port, MS, Dalton, GA, and lots of other places. So NOW he has started a job right outside of New Orleans and we all went to help move him in (you know. that smaaaaall moving truck needed 5 able bodies humans to move all the stuff...yeah...)
After we moved him in, we drove to New Orleans. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I really like it nonetheless. (But...it doesn't hold a candle to San Francisco. Sorry.) The food was yummy, the french/spanish influenced architecture was beautiful and the city just has a very distinct spirit.

I just want to add this: I'm thankful that my daddy still has a job. There are so many people in this economy struggling and here I am taking trips to Asheville AND New Orleans during Christmas break. Blessed to say the least.

still christmas
hello, france?
pretty building
Bus Tour
Meatball Po' Boy

Oh. One tiny little detail:

National Chaaaaaaaamps!

This is long because I won't be here from Thursday-Tuesday. And tomorrow...well I have to pack and do homework and things of that sort.

Here's one of the many, MANY reasons to love Ben Rector:
He can write such honest songs. I say honest because you can tell this man is a Christian and that he has rock-solid morals. He is giving advice to his nephew...and I think this is some amazing advice.

I'm the baby of the family (my family, and then the baby of all of my cousin's on my dad's side), so I've never really had someone to just put under my wing. During singing school, when I'm a counselor, I get a little taste of that. I try to serve that person and help them with whatever they need. And I can't wait to have nieces and nephews that I can say exactly what Ben Rector is saying to HIS nephew.

Happy Week :)


AbbieBabble said...

Ooh, I'm doing all sorts of traveling through your blog these days- first Asheville, now New Orleans? You keep going to places I'm dying to visit!

p.s. Hooray for Auburn! Our Yankee brains don't really understand college football, but my roommate from Tennessee is through the roof!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

first of all, your comment on my last post was pretty hysterical. secondly, do you know ben rector, too? he is so sweet (he's good friends with my cousin). and lastly, as an oklahoman (OU - 7x national champions!), i can truly appreciate your love for college football!

annie said...

beautiful pictures, as usual (and war eagle from my husband, who actually got to go to the game... lucky boy!). dying to know where you went in new orleans. we're headed there this weekend, so i'd love any restaurant or shopping recommendations!

Whitney said...

This is me. On yours. I love you.

(So, to everyone else...this looks like you love you. Hehe. Sneaky.)

lady lyles said...

I just found your blog, and I'm pretty smitten. : ) i currently live in southern california. i have been thinking about relocating to new orleans, but i've gotten a lot of mixed reviews. this makes it look nothing short of magical. xo LL
PS- I lived in AL for 15 months during high school and went to Hoover.

Amy said...


You are so cool.

Ashley said...

How fun! I love taking mini trips, this one looks like such a wonderful one. That latte looks delightful. I'm loving your red lip as well!