Bridge, Plaid, Creek

Thursday night, I spent the night with my gal Morgan. We had some staffing homework to do*.
Friday morning, I helped gussy her up and we went to this abandoned bridge she knew about. Let me tell you, if this is anything like what a photographer does on a simple photo shoot...sign me up for that career. Granted, I would've have felt cooler if I was squinting into say...a Nikon D7000, but I still love my Canon G11 and she gives me some beautiful photos. I just love taking pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places.
My theme: Barton Hollow with a bit of whimsy


I also got to style the shoot (baha. duh. it was just us two.)

Don't I just have beautiful friends??

*Remember I mentioned TeenPact? Remember I mentioned interviewing to be a staffer?
Well in October I got word that they had...accepted (I guess that's the word) me and wanted me to staff the Alabama State classes and invited me to travel staff.
So I'm staffing Alabama 1 and Virginia.
But I'll be gone to Texas for staff training Thursday - Tuesday.


Harris said...

That plaid skirt is fantabulous.
And the lipstick is... bright.


They Call Me Thumper said...

The couch project should make a visit to this bridge. These are amazing!

annie said...

you are so talented! great shots (and styling :))!

Margaretta said...

If you go through Dallas, and you need a bed to sleep in or a friend to feed you or a car to get you from the airport, just holler, ok?

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i liiiike your shoes.

Emily said...

Gorgeous shoot! The sunshine made me absolutely giddy!! and the skirt... well it's just marvelous. and I can say that from both sides since I happen to own one identical to it only a different color!(yay for Goodwill;))
and kudos to you on being a TP staffer! I'm sure you'll have so much fun with that! I just registered as a student this year- first time I've gone in 4 years- so I'm excited!{years in between didn't work out b/c of schedule} You should come staff the Indy class;)

Antoinette said...

Gorgeous outfit and LOVE the red lippie!