Cheese Souffle on a Snowy Day

After the snowy hike, I came home and decided I was FINALLY going to make Julia Child's cheese souffles! I always expected souffles to be super difficult to prepare. But it turns out the "difficultness" is similar to making chocolate eclairs. Not necessarily hard, just tedious. And the souffles didn't take as long as chocolate eclairs. (4 hours is not needed)
They turned out nicely. However, I wasn't a big fan. I don't know exactly what they're supposed to taste, but it wasn't my favorite thing ever. But it was so much fun to MAKE a souffle. I get to check -- Oh my goodness! I just remembered 'make julia child's cheese souffle' was on my 2010 list of things to do. And it was still 2010!
Ok. NOW I feel accomplished!

Ah. Along with cheese souffle...that sunset in my kitchen was beautiful. (check out the tree...it's a lemon tree that produces the most heavenly lemons. yummy.)

Cheese Souffle
Beautiful light.


AbbieBabble said...

Color me impressed! I love cheese souffle, and I've been wanting to make one for a while- now I want to even more! Yours looks delicious!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my goodness - look at you! you have more patience that i....i don't know i could master something that tedious.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

than i*

Harris said...

Super Scarf!!
And, nice lemon tree.