Day after Christmas: Snowy Hike

With the pictures following, you will believe as I believe: my backyard leads to middle earth.

I kept expecting Galadriel to glide out from behind a tree and greet us with green capes and leaf clasps.

So, our backyard is all woods. I mean, we have a normal backyard (tire swing and all) but then there's the woods. You go down a steep incline and find yourself looking at a creek. That's where the middle earth "experience" begins.
Since it was snowy, we all wanted to adventure. We went wayyyyy down further than I had ever been to what is called 'coke ovens'. I had never heard of them...nor did I know if I trekked down further in middle earth would I find them. Coke ovens are bricked caves that were used to heat coal in a controlled setting. The coke ovens we have are up on a hill type...thing and there are about a HUNDRED. It was crazy and magical looking!
The entirety of our trip I was just stunned. Everything was beautiful and peaceful.

go on a hike!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

just saw your twitter sidebar....cheesecake brownies sound SO GOOD!!

Giann said...

As always, your pictures are lovely!

Anonymous said...


It's creepy how much it resembles Middle Earth. I've always thought that, but with the snow...man.

Dani said...

That first tree looks like it should have a hobbit hole in it for sure. The brick kilns for the coal like a little eerily like hobbit holes too in the snow.

AbbieBabble said...

That tree in the first picture? Wow. I think you're right- you DO live in Middle Earth! It's gorgeous.

Lindsey said...

wow! That sounds exactly like our back yard! We have woods, then a steep incline, and a cleared out trail between the woods and the stream.

yeah, the snow makes our woods look so magical as well! Lovely pics by the way

Max-Frederick said...

Will you please take me there sometime?? i didn't know that existed.