2010 - What a Wonderful Year

2010 was a year of tremendous growth for me and people around me. Every year is like that. And it's a hit of reality when you realize there are parts of your life that are gone forever, but there are also chapters in your life which you have yet to discover/experience. Life has a funny way of balancing out the past and future.

JANUARY: the first month of the Gregorian calendar
I layed out in the middle of our street on a couch (prep for the formal), dressed up in a Vintage dress and bunny hopped all night long at the Winter Formal (I didn't post about it oddly enough...but I did post this picture!). I took part in an all night Band of Brothers marathon with Anna, followed by a day with longboards. Then Savanna, Graham, and I wore primary colors to church.
There was a monsoon of frozen water (and I played with words).My Valentine's weekend was spent climbing rocks at Moss Rock and eating a delicious meal in Montevallo with some of my favorite people. Oh, I bragged on what it means to have a brother. I also celebrated my Grandmother's 83rd birthday at Cafe Dupont.
MARCH: The 3rd month of this year was greeted by being mid-week of TeenPact (life long friends were made). We liked TeenPact so much...we decided to visit the staffers during their second week of...staffing! I wished one of my best friends (also my cousin) a Happy Birthday! Then my family went to Savannah for Spring Break...and I posted about it here, here, and here.

APRIL: I went with some gals to Huntsville to campaign. On Easter Weekend, I went crazy with chalk. (more on this weekend here) Later that month...came my favorite band in the entire world at a most amazing venue. Then I went to Auburn when the world decided to go green.
Prom 2010 026-1
oh. AND the day after I had a little side of the road adventure with Chelsea.

MAY: In May I celebrated Mother's Day, tried out chocolate eclairs (yumm), got a new camera because mine died mid-cousin's-graduation (oh. I hit up a few graduations as well), and then attended a life changing camp: National Convention (in relation to TeenPact). A note for NC: I got brave, and a friend and I interviewed for staffing positions with the TeenPact state classes.

JUNE: In June I turned 17. I mini-discussed greediness, went to Urban Standard for breakfast on my birthday, made cauliflower gratin, and attended just about the biggest event of every year (for me): singing school!

JULY: In July I celebrated Independence Day by watching the 'fire on the mountain' show in Birmingham. I volunteered in Nashville at Musician's corner and discovered my love for music promotion, then I went to Memphis to a church meeting (all the girls are looking at wedding pictures). I then volunteered again in Nashville at MC and on the way home...well...my car broke down: ADVENTURE WEEKEND!

AUGUST: In August, my family and I trekked to Auburn and watched my sister graduate from Auburn University (War Eagle!). Then from Auburn, the sibs and I traveled to Georgia and spent a week with my brother's girlfriend's family. Then, later, I went to Workplay (one of my favorite places) and saw The Civil Wars (I also saw them in May but apparently didn't post about...or did I?). Later that month, my Grandmother took my mom, my sister, and I to Arlington for lunch.
I also started my senior year and posted about how weird that was.

SEPTEMBER: September was the month of ACT prep and college applications (good gravy I'm glad that's over!). I made a few necklaces and started to open an etsy...but then that got postponed. I went to a farm for an engagement party! And I celebrated Morgan's birthday at Urban Standard.

OCTOBER: I ate up some Flip Burger while celebrating Savanna's birthday. Amy & Jim got married!!! More burgers...this time at Jim Deerman's. Then Morgan and Brett's reception, they had a nasty Bryant-Denny Stadium cake. I also visited Auburn for War Eagle Day and hung out on Morris Avenue! Oh. And a Halloween party and I made cupcakes! With REAL frosting!

NOVEMBER: Early December while I was working the Christmas Village, I met some friends at Urban Standard on a rainy wednesday. We went to Auburn's homecoming game...and we took Chelsea to Auburn for the first time! Then FINALLY the NEEDTOBREATHE concert at Alabama Theatre! (lots of music in november, Ben Rector and Andrew Belle as well at Harry's Coffeehouse at Samford University. I also saw NTB at Samford in August.) I ended the month with a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving. Oh! And a Harry Potter premiere! Boy was that a great movie!

DECEMBER: Phew! December was crazy and peaceful at the same time. We did a LOT but never got overwhelmed. I went and got coffee with Mary-John on a Saturday morning. We picked out a tree at a Christmas tree farm. I had a rehearsal and Messiah performance. Then we went to the Biltmore Estate to see the Christmas goodness (here, here, and here). I don't believe I posted about this, but we also went to a Graduation in Memphis.
Then came Christmas day. We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!(and Christmas eve)
Also the not-posted-yet goodness to come:
-the day after christmas snow adventure
-cheese souffle
-a couple of days in New Orleans
- New Years Eve!

2010 was amazing. I pray that in 2011 I will grow more and more in Christ and point more towards Him each and every day.
HAPPY 2011, y'all!

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Jenni Austria Germany said...

i've had so much fun reading everyone's updates like this...i realized while making mine, however, that they take FOREVER to make/link....ugh!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

What an amazing year you've had. I hope 2011 is just as good!

Anonymous said...

2011...year of your graduation!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Abby said...

I really like the way you formated this post.

Jess said...

wow I love your year in review, the photos look awesome!
Hope you have a fantastic 2011