2010 -- 2011

What. a. wonderful. year.

I turn my head to this past 12 months and look ahead to 12 new months: months that hold happiness, trials, success, and lots of love.

C'MON 2011! I can't believe you're here!
(class of 2011 woot! woot!)


P.S. I have a review of my 2010 in the works. It's just going to be posted...in 2011 :)

Oh. and I haven't seen Tron OR Country Strong...but I HAVE seen Eragon, Georgia Rule(weird. bad. movie.), Troy, and Friday Night Lights and....just wanted to say that Garrett Hedlund is a fine, handsome, hunk of a man. Get a listen to that voice of his. Just sayin'.

That's all :)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

omgosh i haaaaaaaaaaaaaated georgia rule. i realized too late never to see a movie starring lindsay lohan (oh, but parent trap was just too good).

Margaretta said...

yay yay yay class of 2011!!!

(that's me too, you know!)