2 faces that I really, really like

Not to mention these gals have the BEST sense of style.
Ah. They're both British. I should've been British.
2 of my style icons...that's for sure.
Alexa via Goooogle
Sienna via...People?
They're just so gorgeous!
And I have to say, ever since I started getting into fashion (what was I like...3?) I liked the slightly thrown on, laid back style. But you know...it just depends on the day. I envy their hair the most. I LOVE messy hair...but there is a difference between messy curly hair (which happens to look nothing like the above pictures...it just looks like something crawled up on my head and died), and straight/slightly wavy messy hair. I can straighten my hair. I can curl it. But I can't have bed head hair. (always want what you can't have, right?)

Having said all of that...I do love (love/hate to be exact) my hair. Sometimes, or most of time, since curly hair is highly unpredictable, even once I fix my hair, it looks as though I messed it up...in a fixed way. So I can do messy just not "straight" messy. Am I making any sense at all?


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i was wondering the other day, "who is my style icon?" (you know, i spend my time thinking about really important things) and i ultimately decided zooey was too cliche so i settled on alexa. love her!

Thumper said...

I get the difference between "Straight Messy" and "Curly Messy."
Completely get it.

Brittany said...

I love Sienna Miller too. I think she makes freckles beautiful, and does the effortless waves perfectly. It is such a hard look to do well!

Laken said...

Ahh.. love both of them so much!