Biscuits + Quesadillas

Last thursday night, after having viewed this post, I had a hankerin' for some good ol' biscuits.
So after supper, I announced to my sister and Mommah (once again, this is just how I've always spelled it.) that I was going to make biscuits for dessert. So I did. And it was easy and yummy.
Here's the yummy recipe: BISCUIIITSSSSS
Dough. Oh yes. Dough.
Yummy biscuits.
I realize now...I need to learn how to take pretty pictures of food. Any pointers??

Later that night. We were blessed with some company. Harris mentioned these chocolate peanut butter quesadillas about a year ago and to that night, we hadn't made them. But he said something about the snack (dessert) on Thursday night and I made an announcement, "I'm going to get some pants! WE are going to Wal-Mart!"
(I had pajama pants on...so...REAL pants)
Alrighty. Here's the recipe (and I don't have a picture but belieeeve me it's delicious):

Harris's Chocolate Peanut Butter Quesadillas

-flour tortillas
-chocolate chips (just about whatever kind you want)
-peanut butter

(these aren't actually by him, this is what I did when I recreated the delight. Harris, if you're reading this correct me where I mishap)
You take your tortilla, smother some peanut butter on there. Then sprinkle some chocolate chips on top of the tortilla. Half over.
I put some coconut oil into the frying pan. You drop your quesadilla into the frying pan (medium) and let it cook until golden brown...then flip.
Divide it however you will, and then FEAST.
(In my humble opinion, it is best served with some ice cream. Please excuse the informality of this entire post...and recipe.)
Mini...or normal?
black and white...always better.

*side note: I would like to point out...this is the night that I ate SO much.
See, I ate supper (fish and a bunch of other stuff) and then decided to make biscuits. But while I was waiting on the biscuits I was still hungry so I ate a piece of pizza and a little bowl of cereal. THEN I ate one too many biscuits. But THEN the guys got there, so Harris and I went to Wal-Mart and got the ingredients for his special, and I found Haagan- Dazs there (2 pints for 2 dollars! AHHH!).
Needless to say, I THEN stuffed my face with quesadillas and haagan-dazs. Yeah whoa.


the friendliest flower said...

man im gonna have to try those quesadillas out i love peanut butter and chocolate together and i loveee quesadillas!

Harris said...

I really can't claim full credit for those things. Actually, I can't claim any credit. I got the chocolate quesadilla idea part from Aunt Rachel, and the peanut butter part was Rebecka Sacran's idea. But I did most of the advertising and making and tell-everybody-they're-yummy-ing.

Thumper said...

fomality is overrated anyway

Dani said...

I need these now. But as it is late and the kiddos are in bed, perhaps I will get the stuff when we go grocery shopping. Which might get bumped up to tomorrow so that I can eat them soon.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

that sounds amazing. i've been making nutella/peanut butter pancakes lately. but quesadillas sound way better for someone reason. my internet is being sketchy- is it the link from, everyday musings? because i made biscuits after reading that too!