Waffle House + Rehearsal


OF COURSE, the week I decide to eat more healthily and slightly vegan (well, it's hard to explain, I'm still going to eat some choice animal products but try to cut back some on my meat intake) our family decides to have steak twice in the weekend AND go to Waffle House...plus Monday night after the Messiah performance everyone goes to Arby's (it's tradition!).
So. My first week was fine, but the weekend...not so much.
My plan:
-cut back on some meat
-eat way more veggies and fruits
-cut back on processed foods
-learn to fix more simple healthy foods
that's it for now...
See, I'm a lover of baking, so cutting back on sugar will be hard.
So very hard.
That's why it's not on my list, because if I don't cut back too much I won't feel too bad :)

Sunday after we picked out our tree, we went to Waffle House (WaHo) for Breakfast (for Supper) and it was yummy. Although, I smelled absolutely disgusting afterwards (grease + smoke = ewww). Later that night Mommah and I had Messiah practice with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. If you love to sing and if you ever have the chance to sing in the Messiah, I recommend it 100%. I believe the first time I did it I was 12. And afterwards I said that it was like singing with a chorus of angels. And truly, it is. My favorite this year was the 'Amen Chorus'. Trust me, that thing is hard. Words fail to describe how beautiful it sounds.
It also always reminds me to not forget the true reason for Christmas.

God seriously blessed Handel to write 'The Messiah'. Whoa.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'm a vegetarian and tried veganism for 4 months.....if you can do it, it's totally worth it. i've always wanted to go vegan again because i seriously felt better than i've ever felt my whole life. so much energy!

Laken said...

Your family is too cute.. good luck with your new eating habits! I'm totally supporting you in this :)

Ashley said...

Good luck with eating differently! Just keep yourself motivated and you will def succeed! <3 xo.

Matt said...

Sounds like a great plan! It will probably help you bust out that high D!

Margaretta said...

I went semi-vegan for a while this summer. for me, it's the cheese that gets me! i seriously have no willpower about cheese. :-)

i'm semi-vegetarian all the time-- i eat meet when it sounds really good, but i try to skip it more often than i eat it. i feel better that way, plus it eliminates so many artificial hormones and chemicals from my diet.

They Call Me Thumper said...

I'm not sure hard is a strong enough word to describe the difficulty of the amen chorus.... But i seriously love the bass line... I can almost sing it :)