Raise the Tree

yo daddio

yay tree!
it was coooold
cut it down
primary colors...
Something about picking out a tree...is so magical.
You walk around the farm searching for the absolute perfect tree.
And when you find it, your daddy cuts it down and you take it home.
Then, the aroma of the tree fills your entire house and it's just so, so Christmas-y.

P.S. Sav and I have the MOST annoying mix of primary colors...


Anonymous said...

No, we don't.

Emily Jane said...

Oh! This looks like so much fun! Love the holidays!

So, question: where did you get those boots from?? They are seriously the prefect pair of shoes

Whitney said...

They're the Steve Madden 'Troopa' boot and I LOVE them! (Belk has them)