Weekend: Saturday Morning

O' Henry's
O' Henry's
a little awkward...muffin!
Downtown Homewood

I absolutely adore going out for breakfast. And if afterwards, I can walk around and go in and out of shops...I'm a happy gal. Add in Christmas decor? BAM. Super happy.
But, all of this wouldn't be fun without someone right?
Enter Mary-John.
Best friend :)
(who...always makes me look like a giant)
I hadn't seen her in a little bit so we decided to hit up downtown Homewood and go get O'Henry's coffee for breakfast. We then proceeded to weave in and out of stores just gawking at all the neato stuff.
I can't wait for official Christmas break to roll around because then Mary-John AND Chelsea will be here.


Laken said...

My brother lives and dies for O'Henrys.

Brittany said...

Nothing better than sipping on coffee with friends!

annie said...

I love O'Henry's, and I'm with you: Nothing beats breakfast and window shopping with a good friend. In fact, adding it to my list of things to do this holiday season.