Sunday Get-up


Dear Photo numero dos,

Where have my eyes gone?
Don't make me laugh while I'm driving...bad idea...
I squint; I'm trying to embrace it.
and yes, I'm pulling up my tights. It happens.

The Entirety of Whitney


P.S. I'm leaving Sunday afternoon for Asheville with the family (BILTMORE!!)
and I don't know if I'll be posting Monday-Wednesday.
I'm going to try my best, it will just depend on the days.
It's going to be freezing...and I'm really bad at dressing for cold weather.
So. I'll break out the under armour and...we'll see!
I'm so excited! I've been once before but I was...7 or 8 so I barely remember it.

Any restaurant recommendations?


JMay said...

That sweater color looks great on you!

Katy said...

Adoring your cardi colour.

annie said...

my eyes "disappear" when i laugh/smile too. embrace it! :)

and i have such trouble dressing in the cold weather. i always just want to put on a warm sweater and jeans and call it a day... so good luck! can't wait to see what you come up with!

Laken said...

In love with that cardigan.
And have so much fun in Asheville! Bundle up :)

Lindsey said...

Love the yellow sweater on you!
my eyes disappear, squint, too when I smile real big or laugh. Tis a family trait and it's impossible for me to open them up any wider without my eyebrows going up!

Ms. Pink said...

love this ensemble! youve got great style :)