Snowy Wonderland

Today we drove to Asheville. Tonight we're eating in the Barn at the Biltmore and then we have a candlelight tour of the mansion. I had forgotten just how beautiful the Carolinas are. The second we passed the North Carolina state line there was snow...everywhere! It's beautiful, crazy, crazy beautiful! And Fleet Foxes happen to be the most perfect soundtrack for a road trip through the Carolinas.
Here's to a cold, beautiful Monday!
Walhalla Welcome Center to SC
1) Welcoming Center - Walhalla, SC
2) So. stinkin'. perfect.
3) Walk around our hotel area. You know...it's 18 degrees here.


Giann said...


They Call Me Thumper said...

it was 22 here at about 10 this morning... I was not impressed

Lindsey said...

Wow! So beautiful. Hope we have that kind of snow here.

Staley Mc said...

Ashville is so pretty! Just discovered your blog it is lovely!! I'm a new follower =)

Harris said...

AAAHHH!!! That's so cool! And those pictures are excellent!

Rebekka Seale said...

Ah...you are so lucky! Love Asheville, wish I were there right now!

Caroline said...

First time stopping by your blog!! And, it is simply adorable!! Great photos! xo