Weekend: Saturday (night)

S'mores on a fire pit, chili in a crock pot, football games on the TV, Nachos in the pot, cupcakes on a platter, cole slaw in a bowl, sweet tea in my belly...all that in my home.
Saturday night was our annual Halloween party. It used to always be the night we'd dress up and go trick-or-treating but we've all grown past that point to where we just want to get together and eat food...
This was the first year I did not dress up. And I still don't know why. I think I got confused thinking we were going to dress up on Sunday night so we would be decked out for the trick-or-treaters...but that didn't happen.
And it won't happen ever again.
I love Halloween and I love dressing up.

Dear Whitney,

Never forget that you like costumes.
You REALLY like costumes.


Mocha Cupcake w/ Buttercream Frosting

Tiger Face

sad face?


Ears + Ryan

1) Mocha Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting. They were yummy if I may say so myself. My first time doing fancy frosting. I used the piping bag...but no tip (we didn't have one and the closest store that WOULD carry one was Wal-Mart...WM failed me).
2) One of the 3 that dressed up (out of thirty some-odd people...). Tiger, cute! That's my Aunt Joy's (her mother) cheerleading...costume? Not sure, but Mary-John's Mom wore it in high school!
3) This is what happens when I realize I won't be dressing up this year. Yeah. No makeup...don't laugh. And I'll just admit I claimed to be an Auburn tiger since my shirt was Orange and blue...
4) The 3 costumed folks.
5) Ears + Lumberjack Ryan


Ashley said...

What a fun night! That cupcake looks pretty scrumptious! =)

Max-Frederick said...

30 people? what was this shindig?