Weekend: Friday

Friday, Savanna, Mom, and I went to Auburn for War Eagle Day! We toured campus (like I haven't seen it all before...), ate food, listened to a student panel, and sat in on short information sessions on different types of activities the university offers.
It was so odd to be visiting my potential home for the next four years.
We then moseyed on down to the architecture building to view carved pumpkins. Nightmare Before Christmas music was playing, fake cobwebs were stretched between the buildings, twinkle lights were glowing, and jack-o-lanterns galore were on display.

Graphic Design Building


Hide yo kidz!



1) Posters in the Graphic Design building (I do believe that's an Anthro catalog!)
2) Aubie (Auburn's Mascot)
3) Crazy man from YouTube Video (You so dumb!)
4) Puke pumpkin...so cute! (but really)
5) The gals in front of Samford Hall


wishful nals said...

looks like a great day! i love the pumpkins. xo

Hair-Bo said...

those are some inrense pumpkins. oh, and shoe win again.

Emma Jade said...

Those are some of the most amazing pumpkins I've ever seen!

Bridget said...

there are some great pumpkins there.