Weekend: Sunday

primary colors on saturday

sexy hair flip on sunday

serious face on sunday

hug a tree on sunday

Sav and I were quite colorful on Sunday.
Don't mind Savanna's sexy hair flip...I know it's on Sunday but
it was AFTER church so I figured it was alright.
Sorry 'bout my serious face...I don't really know what happened.
And yes, I'm one of those actual tree huggers.

When wearing floral tights, be prepared to receive about a BILLION
comments on how people looked at your legs and for a split second
they thought you had gotten tattoos all over your legs...
Really? I'm...not going to do that.
And if I did (which I won't), I would probably hide them and wear black tights...
Oh. Also be prepared for your dad to flat out laugh at you when he sees them.

Hey. It made somebody happy, right?


Margaretta said...

i love my floral tights to death. so much love. i've actually never gotten that kind of response before, though! pretty funny.

Matt said...

Love the tights!

Anonymous said...

Uuuuummmmm...why did you post that picture of the hair flip??? Why???

Max-Frederick said...

love love love love love

Lauren said...

Love the yellow cardigan!!