A Rainy Wednesday in Birmingham





1) I walked about 6 blocks in the rain after work to get to my car - Sav's car...mine's in the shop- and the car won't crank. I left the lights on (my car automatically turns them off...ugh). So, I call the friend I was supposed to be meeting for coffee and ask him to come and jump the car off.
Yay :) problem solved. I took this picture while waiting.
2) One of my favorite views. I took this while sitting at a red light. Alabama Theater (NEEDTOBREATHE NOVEMBER 19TH!!!!)
3) Best latte of my life. Marry me, Urban Standard.
4) Rachel and her coffee drink. Cutie :)
5) Wesley REALLY loves his sandwich.
6) Latte, latte, latte, latte, latte, latte

I love rainy days across town; I love rainy days at home. I love rain.


michaelacosta said...

What is it with TeenPact people and jumping cars???

Matt said...


Ashley said...

First I love coffee art and second this latte looks so delish! :)

Emma Jade said...

It was a rainy Wednesday in Birmingham, UK too! :D

Laken said...

Rachel is precious, as always!

Owl of the Desert said...

First, I knew you were at Urban as soon as I saw the leaf in the coffee. And, two, Wesley is eating MY favorite sandwich, the chicken salad! I LOVE that place. Have you tried the Almond Tea, cuz, oh wow. Sometimes, I just have to have some.

Lauren said...

I love the top photo and the one of the latte the best! So pretty!