Happy Thoughts on Thursday

Charlemagne Records in Five Points South (South Side of Birmingham)
Sloss Furnaces. In Birmingham since the 1880s.
Used to produce iron, now it is a venue for a
haunted house (sloss fright furnaces), and live music shows.
(She & Him, NEEDTOBREATHE, Wilco...)
The Alabama Theatre since 1927
Paramount Pictures built the theatre to showcase
their films.
It's still used for movies, but also for concerts, weddings,
events, things of that sort.
(NEEDTOBREATHE November 19th!!!)
You can't think of Birmingham without thinking
of our iron statue. It is the largest cast iron statue in the world.
And the biggest iron statue ever made in the United States.
Vulcan is the Roman God of fire and forge.
The City Federal Building
Built in 1913.
I just love it. It's now leasing reeeeally nice lofts.
Antique Mirrors in 'What's on 2nd?'
An antique store in the Historic District.
THE leather couch in 'Urban Standard'
Local coffee shop in the Historic District.
Dreamland BBQ
Since 1958, Dreamland boasts, "Ain't Nothin' Like 'Em Nowhere!"
And I agree.
(even though the original was in Tuscaloosa...booo....)
This is me.
Prom night.
Looking over Downtown Birmingham on the balcony
of 'The Club'

I decided that today's theme would be my beloved city, Birmingham, AL.
Birmingham aka: The Magic City, The Steel City
Alabama: Heart of Dixie
As I started pulling pictures of mine as well as some by friends and fellow Birmingham lovers I realized there was absolutely NO way I could encapsulate all the things that I love about this city in one post.
I think it might be because I'm older and find out about things, but I feel like Birmingham's culture is growing; we have so many awesome things going on!
Birmingham has a rich history, and this year, my senior year, I want to document Birmingham as well as learn all I can about it. And hey, we have some of the best food!
So today, I'm just posting a few pictures of a few places in Birmingham that make me happy.
Because to put all of the places up here...you'd be looking all day.

All photos are mine except
1 & 2
1: weheartit
2: google images


Owl of the Desert said...

Oh, Urban Standard. I'm having withdrawals from thee. Longing for your amazing almond tea and a scrumptious chicken salad sandwich. Ahh...

carlotta said...

Loved this post! Everything looks so full of history and just so darn...cool. Seriously ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Birmingham! I love our city...