A little inspiration

A Beautiful Mess never ceases to inspire me.
Yesterday she posted this 'Cowboys and Indians' inspired outfit.
I fell off my chair.
I want this outfit now! (Imagine me stamping my foot like a 3-year-old)
It's all sooooo perfect.
Especially the accessories!

I love all cowboy and indian things.


They Call Me Thumper said...

Haha didn't we study that painting in art class last year?
I believe something was said about his muscles :)
...or something lke that

JMay said...

Wow her outfit is fab & dream catchers are my favvv :-)

Max-Frederick said...

That. is. just so wonderful!! I love that outfit.
did you order the necklce yet?

Hair-Bo said...

You should get that outfit. It's really cool.

p.s. Indians are so Beast.

Owl of the Desert said...

That is an amazing outfit. I can just see it on you. Fabulous.