Adventure Weekend

This past weekend was certainly amazing. It was also a nice little adventure. From running around Nashville talking to strangers, to ending up on the side of the road with a busted radiator. I love me some Nashvegas and Franklin, TN. Seriously Franklin is one of my second homes.

Friday: I drove up to Franklin. Chelsea and I played around with River. Then, we drove up to Nashville, picked up flyers and headed down to the touristy part of Broadway and passed out flyers. After that, we went straight to downtown Franklin; I wanted to eat at the Franklin Mercantile Deli...but it was closed for a private party. Boo. So I believe we walked up and down the sidewalk about 4 times before we decided to just eat Ben & Jerry's for supper and then go see the 9:30 showing of 'Charlie St. Cloud'.

Saturday: I got myself a nice lil haircut from Katie (my...cousin-in-law?). Then Chelsea and I headed to Centennial Park and proceeded to set up tents, hand out some more flyers, set up tables, drink lots of free vitamin waters, listen to some of the best musicians in Nashville, run around slapping tattoos on kids (not slapping...), people watch, sweat, clean up, and then go out to eat at the cutest little Burger & Ice Cream place. By then, it was way dark and Nashville's sky was being invaded by ridiculous lightening. So once we got back to Franklin we went to Chelsea's friends house (AMY!!!) and sat in her back yard on a swing with a fire and watched the lightening, sing, just...chill.

Sunday: We ate some breakfast. (duh) Packed up and headed out to get to B'ham for our cousin's bridal shower. About 4o minutes down the road I noticed the 'check engine' light was on. Then Chelsea noticed the temperature thingymadooger was all the way in the red. So we decided it was best to pull over, as we pulled over we noticed that the hood was smoking. (Great.) We got on our cellular devices and began to call the fathers. Mind you, it is also 100 degress outside (i'm not exaggerating, those from the south can back me up on this...in fact, 100 isn't even the tip of the iceberg...but that's another post). A police officer pulled over and checked on us, he offered to go and get some water to put in the car, so we could maybe get down to the exit that was only 1 mile away. So Chelsea and I pulled out the camera, video camera, mexican blanket, gatorade previously purchased at a gas station (a saving grace! oh gatorade!), and climbed up to the top of the...bank (?) and sat under the trees while we waited on the police officer. Well, it turned out my radiator was busted. (Whatever that means...car talk is like rocket science to me...or, well, it's all greek to me) So the nice police man took Chelsea and I to a restaurant/truck stop so that we could wait on Chelsea's brother to come and get us. So we ate, chilled, journaled, videoed (is that a word?), photographed, talked, and the like for a while. Caleb (chelsea's bro) showed up a little later and took us back to my car, we traded cars, unloaded our stuff and put it in the "new" car, and then we rudely left Caleb with my car to wait on Chelsea's dad (my uncle Jimmy) to come with a trailer. I felt bad about leaving him, but I guess they wanted us to get to the tea. Currently, my car is still in Franklin. But I am at home. Out of the heat.
That's my weekend adventure.
Oh life!

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