This week:

-I ran into the garage door...more like face planted the garage door
-I spilled carrot juice on our rug

and I just saw Charlie St. Cloud...

oddly enough, the word that comes to mind is delicious (so what if i'm referring to a shirtless zac efron!?!?!)

But honestly, it was so very good.
I recommend.
a new discovery? James Franco has a brother. Trust me, in the movie you can tell who it is. He's adorable. ADORABLE.
I introduce: DAVE FRANCO

Why oh WHY do there have to be 2 beautiful Franco boys in this world!??!
I don't have enough heart for this.
(and that's my cheez for the night, thank ya very much)

I'm currently in Franklin with Chelsea. We adventured today. Tomorrow we volunteer (my 2nd time) for Musicians Corner in Centennial Park. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you come!

I'm going to sleep now. I'm sleepy, so my knees are aching.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Seth?

elliebird said...

Whaat?!?!?! Why are two Francos necessary! We had enough trouble with just one!
He looks like James in the bottom picture. That smile...

Rachel Marie said...

oooh my, so glad I stopped by your blog 'cause I wasn't too sure about the movie...but now I am for sure going to go see it! oooh dear, ditto on what ellie said. ha ha