2 Weeks

Really?? Only two more weeks of Summer?
I am a lover of Summer.
Even though out of the four seasons, I believe that Fall is my favorite by a smidgen.
Every season is beautiful in its own way.

What I love about Summer:
(if I can contain it all in a post?)
-Singing School
-Parties/Cook outs
-I even sorta kinda like the sweltering heat
-Ice Cold anything!
-Homemade cream cheese ice cream
-Green, green trees (always trees!)
-Church meetings
-Dancing in Rain

I know I left off a bunch, but what are YOUR favorite things about Summer?


They Call Me Thumper said...

Cream Cheese Ice cream?????
never heard of it but it sounds amazing :)

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness... SO MUCH GOODNESS!
i can't believe summer is almost over. but it looks like you are having a simply marvelous time!

Margaretta said...

having time to read!

and how beautiful the produce section of the grocery store looks.

Owl of the Desert said...

1. The sun in all its lovely brightness and heat.
2. Bright blue skies
3. Afternoon rain showers
4. Singing school, of course
5. Summer movies
6. Longer days

And, I have the same question...Cream Cheese Homemade Ice Cream?? What is this amazing confection? It sounds simply delicious.