Red, White, & Blue

I love my country. I love my city.
Birmingham is such a cool, awesome city.
And...fireworks are just one of my favorite things....in the world.
I literally turn into a 3-year-old, screaming, beaming, giggling etc.
The city of Birmingham shoots fireworks off of Red Moutain...and BOY is it a show!
My family and I went over to a friend's home who lives in South side, and we stood on his back porch and watched the firworks explode in the dark blue sky. A local radio station played patriotic music to accompany the the show. It was wonderful.
This country is a great one.
Let's pray that our downward spiral gets hit in the stomach and decides to go the other way.
We need God now more than ever.



Emily Jane said...

Looks like uber fun! And girl, I completely agree with you about the shape of our country. I am praying for a great change! <3

Donna Grace said...

YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME! not as awesome as you. but close. why didn't we meet 10 years ago?