a bunch of dust and notes

What a land we live in. Thank you God for America.
Happy 4th!

a little out of order...
but this is one of my most favoritest weeks of the year.
sure, this year about 85% of everyone who attended came down
with some sort of sickness the week after, (me. cold symptoms. absolutely no energy.
fever. dizziness [inner ear was OFF]. and....now PINK EYE!)
but it's still worth it.
I love these people to the moon and back.
-songs and more songs
-kids, cute, cuuuuute kids
-80 girls...6 showers....
-80 girls 4 toilets....
-bunk beds
-rockin' babies to sleepy land
-did i say sweat already?


(sparkler photo via weheartit)


Rachel Marie said...

it was such an amazing week, you described it perfectly =] hope you are feeling better!

They Call Me Thumper said...

We're stealing Luke next year. Ok? ok.

Dani said...

I love the picture of the book, of Blessed Assurance. Sure hated to miss it, but love seeing the pictures.

Nasada said...

that picture of me is retarded...and yucky.gross..blahhhhhhhhhh

ok you get the point

and that one of asa and philip is really cute!! I like my brother!...and his friends. ;)

Owl of the Desert said...

Such a good week. Love the pics. And your description was spot on.

Hair-Bo said...

I. REALLY wish I coulda been there. And the pictures don't help. :D

ps. first photo is suh WEET!.

wv - bundi