Sicky sick.

Since Monday I've had post-singing-school sickness. Apparently it was going around.
So I'm sleeping a crazy amount...I'll post about singing school once I'm better. For now, I'm sleeping, watching movies, blog reading...on the couch. :D

2 weddings I'm DYING over.

(watch the video towards the end of the post, it's pretty long but it's SO worth it...the couple is the cutest thing on the face of the planet)
2. A Wedding Inspired by (500) Days of Summer


Liz said...

hope you feel better soon! I love these weddings! especially the 500 days inspiration shoot!

Anonymous said...

Loved the 500 Days of Summer one the moment I laid eyes on it...

She who is looking for a more creative screen-name...but hasn't found it yet said...

I had the Post-singing-school-sickness the week before singing school

...not sure how that happened but it did