Maybe an etsy...

I believe I'll open an etsy either before summer ends or in the very beginnings of fall...

Here's a little necklace I've finished this week:

Happy Weekend!
I'm off to the lake for a bachelorette weekend getaway!
(My cousin Morgan is getting married sooooon!)
(I know...the lake??? I'm SO from the south.)


Nasada said...

*ahem*my birthday is coming up*coughcough*


They Call Me Thumper said...

ahhh that one is adorable!!!!
I love mine :D

Katie said...

my tentative goal is to open an etsy shop by the end of august. it's gonna be my not-going-back-to-school project.

i'm nervous.

but excited.

Anonymous said...

where did you get the teal and white dress you are wearing with your black necklace? It is so gorgeous!