Happy Thoughts on Thursday

Sometimes you need time to go home.
Home can be a physical building, a feeling, or it can be a group of people.
I believe in having more than just one home.
You have your physical home, you have your family, you have your certain feelings, smells, thoughts that make you feel at home, and you have a group of friends that are home.
I'm blessed in having a group of friends that ties into my eternal home.
The majority of my friends I have grown up with through church, and church-related events.
I have dreams of discovering places and meeting people. I have dreams of creating wonderful things and recognizing the beauty that constantly surrounds me. The feeling of accomplishment and success I feel when I take a step towards these dreams is overwhelming and just amazing.
But sometimes, I set my dreams behind and I just need to go home.
This specific home is where I put Christ above all. Where I fellowship with people who are doing the same thing.
It's a community. We're a family. And we're all each other's home.

That's my happy thought for today:


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Amber Noella said...

I love happy thoughts!