Part of my 2nd Favorite City

#1 Favorite City : Birmingham
#2 Favorite City: Nashville/San Francisco/Savannah/Charleston (never been but...I just know it will line up with the others!)

But this post is about Nashville.
I got to volunteer for 'Musicians Corner' this past saturday in Nashville. Let me just say I personally find Nashville to hold this certain spell over any music lover. All the coffee shops honestly just leave me spellbound. (Shout out to BONGO JAVA for making a delicious coffee drink: Icy Samoan)
I'm just a Nashville enthusiast and I always tend to creepily see indie musicians, photographers, or studio owners when I'm just moseying my way through the city.

Here's a couple o' photographs from the FIRST Musicians Corner in Centennial Park.
(May I add that I believe it was a SUCCESS and it stunk a little that we called it 30 minutes early due to...the bottom falling out)

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